Everything You Need to Know About Cinistream Streaming

Dear Filmmaker,

Below is all the information you need to know about Cinistream as well as the streaming agreement.

We look forward to adding your film to our library!


About Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios LLC.:

Cinistream is the cinema streaming subsidiary of Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios LLC. To keep it simple, as an organization we work with all types and levels of video and film projects and productions. We love movies as much as you do, and are proud to have you apply to have your film added to our streaming library.

Cinistream is:

Cinistream is an online short film, cinema, and movie watching site. We believe that when making films and movies, everyone can win: the audience, the artist(s) and the publisher. Our core principles are that of choice, artistic respect, and customer respect. These principals motivate how we operate this site, seeking our own success by providing the best for our viewers, our filmmaker partners, and our corporate partners.

How Cinistream works for viewers:

Transparency is important for us as filmmakers and distributors ourselves, that is why we choose to explain our thoughts behind viewer access.

We let our audience choose how they interact with the content in our streaming library. Viewers can watch for free with advertising support, watch VOD, or watch by subscribing to a premium account for even better deals and an ad-free watching experience.

Also, we will not let our audiences be bombarded with hoops to jump through just because they want to watch for free. Audiences can expect sidebar and in-video advertising, but we work hard to keep the quality high and quantity fair so that they can have an untainted viewing experience. We make corporate and advertising network partnerships that make sense to our business and to our audiences to reduce intrusive advertising practices that degrade the audience experience.

Viewers are given the choice to support directly and to remove ads by using VOD to skip the in-video ads on that film or by subscribing to a premium ad-free account.

Ad-free members will still see trailers for films on Cinistream.

How Cinistream works for filmmakers:

We let our filmmakers retain as much control of their vision and art as we can.  We make an effort to not to censor filmmakers’ content for our audiences. If your film does not fit within our guidelines, we will inform you along with your rejection notice. Your film may be submitted again with appropriate modification.

  • No pornographic content. Some nudity is allowed at our discretion and behind appropriate warnings.
  • No snuff films.
  • No films featuring animal cruelty.
  • No films inciting hate or violence.
  • No films with malicious intent against Cinistream, Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios LLC.

Cinistream hopes to be a community of people who love cinema of any length, and we hope to create positive experiences and outcomes for filmmakers, audiences, and everyone in the Cinistream family.

Why you are here:

You are a filmmaker, production company, distributor, or otherwise authorized representative of a film that you are submitting to Cinistream’s streaming library.

If we are contacting you:

You are a filmmaker who has a film that we believe will do well in our Cinistream and we are offering you an opportunity to add your film to our streaming library.

Streaming Agreement and Information

In our streaming agreement, we want to be clear and concise with our information, forward with our terms, and transparent. We do not hide behind jargon. We offer information openly so as to build a relationship of trust that benefits everyone.


Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios = Licensee = Us/We

Filmmaker/Authorized Representitive = Licensor = You

Cinistream = Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios’ online film distribution and streaming platform.

Film = Your original motion picture content.

VOD= Video-on-Demand, limited time ad-free access to a certain film based on payment.


Licensor responsibilities:

  • Licensor grants us a limited, non-exclusive license to display and stream their film.
  • Licensor grants us access and usage rights to any promotional materials already created for the film, for the promotion of the film and the Cinistream platform. These materials will be submitted along with the film.
  • Licensor grants us the rights to use, modify, and/or re-encode the film, images of the film, and any submitted promotional materials for the creation of promotional materials for the film and the Cinistream platform. (For Example: Creating a trailer or teaser for your film or using a clip from your film as promotional material). Including but not limited to: trailers, posters, case covers, print advertising, web advertising images, social media posts, and screenshots of the film.
  • Licensor affirms that they own, are authorized to represent, or have licensed all of the contents of their film and additional materials, and thus have the appropriate rights to submit to Cinistream for inclusion in our streaming library.
  • Licensor retains all of the rights to your film and any pre-made promotional materials. The licensee is not buying the ownership rights from you.
  • Licensor grants us rights to use any name associated with your production in our streaming library, promotional material, and any other reasonable use related to Cinistream and the promotion of the film.
  • Licensor grants us the rights to sell advertising on your film, sell VOD licenses for the film, sell subscription packages to view your film, and sell digital copies of your film.
  • Licensor will indemnify, defend, and hold Cinistream, Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios LLC, their officers, employees, and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, include all reasonable attorney’s fees, legal fees, expenses or other legal actions including but not limited to: intellectual property, copyright infringement, slander, trademark infringement, or breach of contract arising from Cinistream’s possession, storage, streaming, or sales of your film or merchandise.
  • Licensor will avoid creating a conflict of interest with either Cinistream or Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios LLC. or any of its divisions.
  • Licensor will not discuss information about earnings, payments, monetary gain, or fees with other Cinistream partnered filmmakers, nor the general public, especially in online forums, social media, or blogs. This information is confidential and private between the licensor and licensee. Failure to keep this information private may result in suspension or removal of the Licensor films(s) from Cinistream.
  • Licensor will inform Cinistream of any change of contact or payment information. We are not responsible for inaccurate information.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to complete this agreement with Cinistream or your agent and legal guardian may complete the agreement for you until you attain the age of 18 years old.  The contract will roll over to the filmmaker at the age of 18 if an agent or legal guardian was the original signer.

Licensee responsibilities:

  • Licensee may place our distribution label(s) onto the additional promotional material. Including but not limited to the banding of “Cinistream” or “Cinistream.com”
  • Licensee may provide their own description, tagline, logline, or other form of summary for the film when displayed on the Cinistream platform or in promotional materials including, but not limited to, advertisements, newsletters, and blog posts. Summaries may or may not be based on information provided to Cinistream by the filmmaker. Summaries in any form will not intentionally mislead audiences.
  • Licensee will promote and advertise your film’s hosting on the Cinistream platform, for the filmmaker. Promotion and advertising may include, but is not limited to, nor guaranteed to be, social media posts, blog posts, newsletter articles, digital ads, print ads, etc. The filmmaker still can market their film as much as they like in addition to our marketing. If you would like to use Cinistream branded promotional materials, please contact us for copies.
  • Licensee owns any promotional materials they create using your film or additionally provided promotional material. Licensor retains the ownership of the original content.
  • Licensee will have the rights to make promotional merchandise such as T-Shirts and other clothing using images from or based upon your film, additional compensation will be provided to the filmmaker in such case, and is outlined in the “Compensation” section.
  • We will notify the licensor of any technical issues that may prevent the film from being added to our library at that time.
  • Licensee will compensate licensor based upon the “Compensation” section below.

Licensee Will Not:

  • Licensee will not own your film, its images or content (as stated above, we are not buying your film, just licensing it to distribute it).
  • Licensee will not own any of the additionally provided related promotional materials for your film, only licensing them to market your film.
  • Change or modify the content of your film for any reason, without your consent.


Either party may terminate the agreement with 30 days written notice.

Streamable Status:

Cinistream may pause your film’s live status and streaming availability on the Cinistream platform at our discretion.


Unlike some places we do not have strict exclusivity requirements. We recommend that you do not have the film uploaded to free viewing places like YouTube or Vimeo or on your own website. This is not a requirement. Having free availability on other websites can cause lower viewership of your film on Cinistream. You may host your film where you see fit and are honored that you would include Cinistream.

We do expect that there is no competition between Cinistream and the filmmaker, as it would be inappropriate for the filmmaker to have a streaming style website that competes with Cinistream as that causes a direct conflict of interest.  There shall be no manner of reproduction of the Cinistream streaming distribution services by any filmmaker.


The current market for short films and many other types of cinema is film festivals. We do not expect you to stop showing in festivals because of our agreement. We actually encourage your participation in film festivals.

If your film is currently on the festival circuit and there is a conflict of whether it can be streamed through Cinistream, we allow for negotiable delays to allow time for it to be shown at festivals before becoming a part of the Cinistream library. In this way, you can apply before its festival run is over to set up its next showcasing phase.

If you film is accepted to a film festival that requires it to not be online, after you have been accepted to Cinistream, contact us and we will temporarily pause its live status. This excludes it from the streamable library. Once the online access limitation has ended, we will be able to restart its live status and return it to the streamable library.


  • Filmmaker will receive 16 Cents ($0.16) per eligible streamed hour of their film.
  • Filmmaker will receive 35% of the in-video ad revenue on their film.
  • Filmmaker will receive 35% of the VOD revenue of their film.
  • Filmmaker will receive 40% of any digital sales of their film.
  • Filmmaker will receive 35% of any net income made on promotional items such as T-Shirts, clothing, etc. related to your film.

Balance is paid within 31 days of the end of the earnings quarter (ex: Q1, January 1st to March 31st, is paid by May 1st). Payments are made in USD.

If minimum balance is met all funds (total of your advertising, VOD, subscriber watch hours, and any digital sales or promotional product earnings) are distributed in the pay period listed above via check to the address you file with us or via PayPal or other online payment system you have registered with us.

  • Check minimum payout balance: $30
  • PayPal minimum payout balance: $10

There are no payment fees, filmmakers receive what they have earned.

If the minimum quarterly balance has not been met by the end of the year, we will distribute balances over $2 USD via PayPal in the last payment period.

If your film is found to be the target of traffic, view, click, or any other type of fraud that would unfairly inflate earnings or rankings, we will suspend your film and any payments until we can investigate the situation and clarify the issue with the filmmaker. We reserve the right to suspend and remove any film we discover to be the target of any sort of fraud, and the filmmaker forfeits any and all earnings, and may be subject to legal ramifications. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating.

Earnings, payments, and/or monetary gain is private and confidential between Licensor and Licensee. These matters are not to be discussed with 3rd parties, or publicized online, including but not limited to blogs, forums, and social media. Failure to keep this information confidential may result in the suspension or removal of Licensor film(s) from Cinistream.


Cinistream does not charge any submission fees for filmmakers and authorized representatives applying to the Cinistream streaming library.

If your film or the one you are authorized to represent has its application accepted for inclusion in the Cinistream streaming library, there is a standard one-time initial upload fee of $65. We are happy to help accommodate any special requests beyond the standard upload, but additional fees may apply.

If you have been offered application to the Cinistream streaming library directly, the one-time initial upload fee will be negotiated directly. This information is confidential and not to be discussed except between Licensor and Licensee. Failure to keep this confidential may result in the suspension or removal of Licensor film(s) from Cinistream.

Upload Requirements:

You will upload a minimum 1080p (4k preferred) master export to our upload link. High Quality DNxHD or ProRes are the preferred formats to retain quality. We may re-encode your film as we see fit for the purpose of the streaming quality control.

Along with the submission of the film, you may provide a link to any promotional material for the film, including trailers, teasers, featurettes, posters, thumbnails, pictures, and behind the scenes materials etc. Video content should be high quality, high definition versions (High Quality DNxHD or Prores preferred), and any content such as posters or pictures should also be of the highest quality possible.

Specifics about the upload process are outlined in the upload section of the Cinistream application. We currently use Google Drive based system.

Once we have received your application and uploaded film, we will then start the review process. If your film is accepted we will inform you by email along with information about the one-time only upload fee payment. After fee payment is received, your film will become available for streaming on Cinistream.

Review and Approval:

Before your film can be added to our streaming library and be officially live for the public, it must first be reviewed and approved by our film review team. This is to confirm there are no technical glitches or errors, or unapproved content that needs to be addressed before the film can be made live for viewing.

This review process occurs regardless of if you applied or if we have offered you direct entry into the streaming library.

Your film may be not approved for any reason.

Time Period: 

-1 Year license with Cinistream starting after the film is reviewed and approved and this agreement has been signed by both parties.

-This license agreement is automatically renewed annually unless written notice is provided as per the “Termination” section.


Cinistream’s film advertising teams will promote your film on the Cinistream platform for you. That being said, we encourage you to (or continue to) advertise or promote your film on the Cinistream platform to any audience you already have. The more people who watch your film on Cinistream, the more earnings you can expect, it is as simple as that.

The limited marketing and promotion for each film uses a combination of mediums which may, but are not limited to or guaranteed to be: video ads, click ads, print ads, social media posts, blog posts, newsletter articles, filmmaker spotlights and interviews, etc. promotions to drive views to your film on the Cinistream platform.

We provide a certain amount of limited advertising and promotion to all films that are streamable in the Cinistream library. This is additional to any advertising and promotional efforts that are already in place for your film. If you would like advanced film marketing and promotion solutions, our film marketing team is available to help create a marketing package that is right for you. Contact us to find out more about these opportunities.

As mentioned in the “Understandings”, we may cut a trailer or teaser for your film from the content you provide to us.  This helps us advertise and promote your film online and on social media, in turn helping to build your audience and earn you compensation.

We may create promotional products and merchandise using images of your film or references to it. In recent years merchandise has grown in popularity, and the use of tie-in items helps promote your film and add another source of compensation for you. This is rare and involves direct communication with the film’s representative prior to creation.

Sharing on Social Media:

As mentioned above, sharing your film will increase your revenue through Cinistream, below are a few examples/templates that you can use to share your Cinistream link on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Reddit, etc. Share with as many people as possible, friends, family even internet strangers!

“Our short film ______ is now streaming on Cinistream! Watch it for free here:  (insert link here)”

“We’re excited to announce that ____ is now streaming on Cinistream! Watch it here: (insert link here)”

Exact streaming contract stipulations, terms, offers, etc. may differ between films, filmmakers, production companies, distributors, etc. at the sole discretion of the Licensee.

Signing of this streaming agreement contract does not guarantee acceptance to the Cinistream streaming library.

-Cinistream Application Team


If you are ready to apply, please fill out the application here.