Special Offer: 0 Fees For Application AND Upload! – Limited-time Offer

We are currently waiving the $65 upload fee and, as always, have NO application fees. We are looking to outfit our streaming library as we prepare to launch, so we’ve decided to make it as easy as possible! – Application takes around 30 minutes, apply today for free!

Quick FAQ

  • NO upfront application or submission fees.
  • One-time only standard $65 upload fee if your film is accepted to Cinistream.
  • Earn money with your films through advertising, VOD, and subscriber views!


Have a question or need help with your application? We’re happy to help! Email us at: apply@cinistream.com

Welcome to the Cinistream Application Portal!

To learn more about Cinistream, our platform and payment policies, please use the tabs below. If you’re ready to apply, start here!

Tell me about Cinistream:
  • We love film. That is why we set out with 2 goals:
    1. Find a way ANYONE can watch great content in the way they want to.
    2. Help filmmakers get their film seen by large audiences worldwide and earn money so they can continue doing what they love.
  • Cinistream is a digital distribution solution for all types of filmmakers! We accept short and feature films of any genre and curate a diverse library of films from different levels of filmmakers from different communities and cultures. We care most about the film’s ability to tell a story.
  • Our viewers interact with content in the way that is most convenient for them: for free with ads, VOD, or by Premium subscription.
  • We partner with filmmakers and distributors to distribute films to the Cinistream audience and then share the revenue earned from ads, VOD purchases, or eligible streamed hours by subscribers.
  • AFFORDABLE FOR FILMMAKERS OF ANY LEVEL! We charge a standard one-time upload fee of $65, only if your film is accepted to our library. There are no upfront fees! This is a comparable fee to many festivals and competitions. We want you to earn money so you can continue doing what you love!
    • This one-time fee helps support our platform in providing high quality service to our filmmaker partners. Such as: international advertising support to help build a film’s audience and help them earn money!
    • Special requests my incur additional fees, please contact us for more information if your film has special requirements.
    • Filmmakers/Distributors submitting 5+ films that get accepted to the streaming library receive a discounted upload fee rate of $50/film.
  • Digitally distributing online your film allows it be been seen by audiences worldwide. Cinistream’s audiences are looking to watch quality curated film and movie productions.
  • We promote and market the films accepted into the streaming library! We do not just host films, we work to bring audiences to each film individually. This comes from a combination of multiple marketing mediums from social media posts, to digital advertising, video/trailer advertising, blog posts, newsletter articles, film spotlights and filmmaker interviews, etc. (If your film is accepted and you are interested in volunteering for an interview, send us an email at the address listed below).
  • The film review process takes about 2 weeks. We then inform you via your contact email of your approval status.
    • Only after approval will we send a payment request for the upload fee.
Application is as easy as 1-2-3! Fill out the application, sign the streaming agreement, and upload your film and digital assets!
Revenue Share Payments:
  • 16 Cents ($0.16) per eligible streamed hour of the film.
  • 35% of the in-video ad revenue on the film.
  • 35% of the VOD revenue of the film.

We take supporting our filmmaker partners very seriously. Our goal is to help them grow as artists and to earn money so they can continue doing what they love: filmmaking! We do not have any arbitrary popularity tiers that must be qualified for, nor do filmmakers have to earn hundreds of dollars before being paid. (In-fact, our lowest payment threshold is only $10!)

We are also researching new ways to help our filmmakers monetize their films to provide additional sources of income.

For Film Festivals and Partnerships
  • We offer partnerships with festivals to add winning or selected films to our streaming library. Our search function allows for search by festival, so audiences can find the exact film they wanted to re-watch from your event. This is just one way Cinistream works to help add even more value to film festivals!¬†Contact us for more information!
  • Please email us if you would like to partner your website with Cinistream to offer your audience a discount of the one-time upload fee!

If you have any questions about applying or streaming, please E-mail us at: apply@cinistream.com

Distributors with 5+ films that would like take advantage of the reduced rate upload fee, please email us at: apply@cinistream.com

If you are ready to apply, please fill out the application here.

-Cinistream Application Team


Cinistream is owned and operated by Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios, LLC.