Everything You Need to Know About Cinistream Streaming

Dear Filmmaker,

Below is all the information you need to know about Cinistream as well as the streaming agreement.

We look forward to adding your film to our library!


About Us:

Cinistream is the cinema streaming subsidiary of Modern Icon Pictures. Modern Icon Pictures is a new movie company. To keep it simple, we work with all sorts and levels of video and film projects, and productions in various stages of their projects. We love movies and think you probably do, too.  This is why we are proud to be talking to you about our project Cinistream.

Cinistream is:

Cinistream is an online short film, cinema and movie watching site. We believe that even in today’s online society, everyone can win, the audience, the artist and the publisher. Our core principles are that of choice, artistic respect and customer respect.

This is why we let our audience choose how they interact with the content in our library, either by watching for free with ad support, watching pay-per-view for fair prices, or subscribing monthly for even better deals.

Also, we will not let our audiences be bombarded with hoops to jump through just because they want to watch for free. Audiences can expect sidebar and in-video advertising, but we work hard to keep the frequency and presence of advertising to a profitable minimum. Too many times have we seen service providers suffocate their customers with uninteresting, untargeted, annoying and intrusive advertising, and thus we work hard to keep that from happening with Cinistream. But, if viewers want to support directly or don’t want to see advertising, they can use pay-per-view to skip the in-video ads on that film. If they want to support directly and never want an in-stream ad again, they can subscribe.

We let our filmmakers retain as much control of their vision and art as we can.  We make an effort to not to censor your content for our audiences. But, of course, we do maintain basic guidelines for film content e.g. no pornography or snuff films.

Cinistream hopes to be a community of people who love cinema of any length, and at the end of the day we hope to create positive experiences and outcomes for filmmakers, audiences and last, but not least, for ourselves.

Why we’re contacting you:

You are a filmmaker who has a film that we believe will do well on our Cinistream online film streaming service. We are currently assembling our movie collections and would like to offer you a space in our streaming library.

In our streaming agreement we want to be clear and concise with our information, forward with our terms and transparent, and we don’t want to hide behind jargon. But, instead we want to offer information openly so as to build a relationship of trust that benefits everyone.

Streaming Agreement and Information


Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios = Licensee = Us/We

Filmmaker = Licensor = You

Cinistream = Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios’ online film distribution and streaming platform.

Film = Your original motion picture content


Your responsibilities:

-You grant us a limited, non-exclusive license to display and stream your film.

-You grant us the rights to use and possibly modify your film and images of your film for promotional purposes for the film and the Cinistream platform. (Ex: Cutting a trailer for your film or using a clip from your film in a promotion for Cinistream) Including but not limited to: trailers, posters, case covers, print advertising and web advertising images.

-You grant us access and usage rights to any promotional materials already created for the film.

-You grant us rights to use any name associated with your production in our promotional material.

-You retain all the rights to your film and any premade promotional materials as we are not buying the ownership rights from you.

-You grant us the rights to sell advertising on your film, sell pay per view licenses for the film, sell subscription packages to view your film, and sell digital copies of your film.

-You will indemnify, defend and hold Cinistream, Modern Icon Motion Picture Studios LLC, their officers, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, include all reasonable attorney’s fees, legal fees, expenses or other legal actions including but not limited to: intellectual property, copyright infringement, slander, trademark infringement, or breach of contract arising from Cinistream’s possession, storage, streaming, or sales of your film or merchandise.

-You will avoid creating a conflict of interest with either Cinistream or Modern Icon Picturess or any of its divisions.

-You will inform Cinistream of any change of contact information.

-You must be 18 years of age or older to complete this agreement with Cinistream or your agent and legal guardian may complete the agreement for you until you attain the age of 18 years old.  The contract will roll over to the filmmaker at the age of 18 if an agent or legal guardian was the original signer.

Our responsibilities:

-Own any promotional materials we create using your short film, but you retain the ownership of the original content.

-We get to put our distribution label(s) on to the film.

-We will market your film for you. You still can market your film as much as you like in addition to our own marketing.

-We will have the rights to make promotional content such as T-Shirts and other clothing using images from or based upon your film.

-We will have the right to edit your film for technical reasons (such as audio levels) and to add our label to the film (We will not edit or modify its content, see “We Won’t”)

-We will compensate you based upon the “Compensation” section below.

We Won’t:

-We will not own your film, its images or content (as stated above, we are not buying your film, just licensing it to distribute it).

-We will not own any of the related resources to your film, only licensing them to market your film.

-Change or modify the content of your film for any reason, without your consent.


Either party may terminate the agreement with 30 days written notice.


Unlike some places we do not have super strict exclusivity requirements. We ask that you do not have the film uploaded to free viewing places like YouTube or Vimeo or on your own website. While we do ask this, we do not at this time require it. Having free availability on other websites can cause lower viewership of your film on Cinistream.

We do expect that there is no competition between Cinistream and the filmmaker, as it would be inappropriate for the filmmaker to have a streaming style website that competes with Cinistream as that causes a direct conflict of interest.  There shall be no manner of reproduction of the Cinistream streaming distribution services by any filmmaker.


The current market for short films and many types of cinema is festivals. We do not expect you to stop showing in festivals because of our agreement. We actually encourage your participation in film festivals.

If your film is currently on the festival circuit and there is a conflict of whether it can be streamed through Cinistream, we allow for negotiable delays to allow time for it to be shown at festivals before becoming a part of the Cinistream library.


You will receive 25% of the ad revenue on your film.

You will receive 25% of the pay-per-view revenue of your film.

You will receive 25% of any digital sales of your film.

You will receive 25% of any net income made on promotional items such as T-Shirts, clothing, etc.

Balance is paid within 31 days of the end of the earnings month, if minimum balance is met (i.e. November earnings are paid by December 31st).

If minimum balance is met all funds (total of your pay-per-view, advertising, digital sales, and promotional product earnings) are distributed at the end of the pay period via check to the address you file with us.


If your Cinistream application is accepted, there is a one-time initial upload fee of $50.

Time Period:

-1 Year license with Cinistream starting after the film is reviewed and approved and this agreement has been signed by both parties.

-This license agreement is automatically renewed annually, unless written notice is provided as per the “Termination” section.


We have our own marketing teams and abilities and will market your film on the Cinistream platform for you. That being said, we encourage you to (or continue to) market or promote your film on the Cinistream platform to any audience you already have. The more people who watch your film on Cinistream, the more earnings you can expect, it is as simple as that.

Our in house marketing uses a combination of video, click, print, physical, etc. promotions to drive views to the Cinistream website and to your film individually.

If you would like to take advantage of the in-house marketing and leave promotion to us, we have marketing packages that can be purchased to bring audiences to your film. Contact us to find out more about these opportunities.

As mentioned in the “Understandings”, we may cut a trailer for your film from the content you give us.  This helps us market and advertise your film, in turn earning you more compensation.

We may create promotional products and merchandise using images of your film or references to it. In recent years merchandise has grown in popularity, and the use of tie-in items helps promote your film and add another source of compensation.

Sharing on Social Media:

As mentioned above, sharing your film will increase your revenue through Cinistream, below are a few examples/templates that you can use to share your Cinistream link on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Reddit, etc. Share with as many people as possible, friends, family even internet strangers!

“Our short film ______ is now streaming on Cinistream! Watch it for free here:  (insert link here)”

“We’re excited to announce that ____ is now streaming on Cinistream! Watch it here: (insert link here)”

Review and Approval:

Before your film can be added to our library and be officially live for the public, it must first be reviewed and approved by our film review team. This is to confirm there are not technical glitches or errors, or unapproved content that needs to be addressed before the film can be made live for viewing.

This review process occurs regardless of if you applied or if we reached out to you.

If your film is not approved for any reason, we will work with you to bring it to a point where it can be approved. If we cannot help you bring it to a point of approval our streaming agreement will be terminated.

Upload Requirements:

You will upload a 1080p high quality, high definition (or higher resolution) export to our upload link. High Quality DNxHD or Prores are the preferred formats.

If your film is accepted we will provide you with a link to upload any promotional material for the film, including trailers, teasers, featurettes, posters, thumbnails, pictures, and behind the scenes materials etc. Video content should be high quality, high definition versions (High Quality DNxHD preferred) and high quality of any content such as posters or pictures.

Once we have received your application and uploaded film, we will then start the review process. If your film is accepted we will inform you by email, and quickly make your film publically available for streaming on Cinistream.

-Cinistream Application Team


If you are ready to apply, please fill out the application here.

Apply to Cinistream