About Cinistream

What is Cinistream and why do I want to apply for digital distribution?

  • We love film. That is why we set out with 2 goals:                                  1. Find a way ANYONE can watch great content in the way they want to. 2. Help filmmakers get their film seen by large audiences worldwide and earn money so they can continue doing what they love.
  • Cinistream is a digital distribution solution for all types of filmmakers! We accept short and feature films of any genre!
  • Our viewers interact with content in the way that is most convenient for them: for free with ads, Pay-Per-View or by subscription.
  • We partner with filmmakers to distribute their films to our audience and share the revenue earned.
  • ALMOST NO COST TO YOU! We charge a one-time upload fee of $50 only if your film is accepted to our library.This is a comparable fee to most festivals. Beyond that, we cover all the costs for hosting, streaming and marketing your film on the Cinistream platform so that you can just earn money and continue doing what you love.
  • Digitally distributing online your film allows it be been seen by audiences worldwide. Unlike popular video sites though, Cinistream’s audiences are looking to watch quality film and movie productions.

If you want to know all the specifics, check out the full streaming agreement here: Everything You Need to Know About Cinistream Streaming

If you have any questions, please E-mail us at: distribution@cinistream.com

If you are ready to apply, please fill out the application here.

-Cinistream Application Team

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